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Finally got around to posting my revamp of one of my Brickscalibur (Trading Places category)!

The Farriers (Revamp) (1)

Horses are the dominant mode of transportation throughout much of Historica. Farriers are never short of work, with entire families taking up the trade. One such family are the Ogden family, with all three generations of men taking part in the family business. Though advanced in years, Josiah Ogden still has the prowess needed to tend to horse hoofs. His son, Johan Ogden, focuses on preparing horse shoes, while also teaching his own son, Jeremiah, the tools of the trade.

Many farriers will also accept centaur clients, with one such client being Brielle Valken on one of her (much needed) days off. Healthy hoofs make a healthy centaur!

The Farriers (Figures)

From left to right:
A weary traveller named Tomas and his steed, Ochre
Jeremiah Ogden
Johan Ogden
Josiah Ogden
Brielle Valken


Comparison: Original vs Revamp

The original MOC was cobbled together at the last minute. I submitted entries for every category, and this unfortunately suffered from having the least amount of time allotted to it. I'm glad I was able to revisit it!

The Farriers (Comparison)


More images of the revamp:

The Farriers (Revamp) (2)The Farriers (Revamp) (3)The Farriers (Revamp) (4)



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Well done!  The revamp looks great, and I can really tell it is a revamp (not just a complete rebuild of an idea).  You made some nice choices with the roof, both in color and removing the middle plate crossing the cylinders.  The addition of the irregular base is nice, and the oven with the smoke coming out is a great addition, both because it adds some action through the smoke, but also through the size and height, which draws the eye across the build.  I also like the new color palette in the dark and sand greens. The bright green in the original is OK, but I think the dark green and sand green go with the oranges and dark tan better.  Keep up the awesome work!

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Great little build. The horse shoes are NPU and I'm always interested in  bellows made out of Lego.

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