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LNER A3 60103 'Flying Scotsman' (WIP)

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I thought about it for a long time. Should I show the model only when it is really finished, should I build it first in real etc. etc.?
But since I don't have too much experience with MOCs and the availability of parts is currently a reason for me to wait a bit, I decided to share the current WIP (work in progress) status with you.

I "build" on your feedback :grin:

The model: 


is 95% finished. Still missing are the detailed piston rods and the roof clips. Here I would like to attach fabric or something similar to rebuild the roof.
The round Tile 1x1 in trans clear is not fixed anywhere. It just hangs in the air, because there are no matching tiles in trans clear like e.g. 1745 plate round 1x2 half with stud.
Otherwise, you can build the locomotive with existing bricks.
The tender, however, uses a lot of bricks in colors that are currently only available from 3rd party suppliers like Bluebrixx (I also checked if the parts are available at BB). Wheels are the XXL, M and normal S wheels (3D files thankfully from Big Ben Bricks). But an import is not necessarily cheap. Here I am considering whether it would not be more sensible to wait whether Bluebrixx also offers the wheels.
Based on drawings, the rear axle of the locomotive is actually not an M wheel but a size between M and S. Here you could go to a 3D print part, but in this regard I am skeptical.

The story:


Who does not know the Flying Scotsman?
As 10194 Emerald Night, this locomotive has inspired AFOLS worldwide. Since it is my goal to rework all my existing models - before I buy new ones - I have now taken on the Emerald Night. Due to a burnout at the turn of the year 2022/23, when I was feeling better in the last months, I then had some time to tackle the project.
There are many, many great models here. Special thanks to @Britishbricks, @ScotNick and everyone else for the inspiration.
I used the locomotive with the number 60103 as a reference, since Märklin is also producing a special edition here.
I certainly didn't succeed in implementing everything, but I'm satisfied for now. Unfortunately, I had to work a lot with brackets on the tender to form the roof line. Due to my lack of skills, I couldn't do it any other way. Maybe you have tips / construction technique suggestions?

The pictures:




And here is a picture from the "inside". It is planned for up to 2 motors:


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That looks great, real smooth model.


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Astonishing! Great parts usage! Gourgues model! Remarecble engine (with great heritage and stories/history) 

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