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BMW E24 M6 - 10300 C-MODEL


The classic "six" is my eternal wet dream which I hope will come true one day. Making a beemer as an alternative model comes to me with every set. I tried to make an E46 from Mustang but it didn't look very good. The Porsche 10295 was an almost perfect base for the M1 Procar version. The multitude of all bends is so hard that even building moc without parts limits is a big challenge on this scale. I may come back to this one in a future. I was considering an E30 M3 from Camaro, but Firas will probably beat me to it. In the end, I insisted on this unfortunate Delorean that it could be turned into another gray car. Well, you can't and my E24 clearly shows it. I liked the front so much that I accepted all the compromises that came along the way, and there were plenty of them. Black roof, protruding gutters on the inside of the hood and tailgate. A few extremely delicate elements like the rear fenders and the roof attachment. Visual shortcomings in the form of a very conventional dummy engine and a nightmare interior of the trunk. Apart from the shark's front, which I am very happy with, I managed to give a decent silhouette of the whole and use several functions - opening doors, trunk and hood that tilts forward. Two Delorean models are my max and now it's time to go back to LP800 from 10295.









Technical info
Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine
Model: BMW E24 M6
Parts: 1413 - also used extra parts
Height:  13 studs (10 bricks and 2 plates)
Width: 16 studs (20 studs with mirrors)
Lenght: 45 studs
Functions: Opening doors, trunk and hood.
Instruction: 540 steps on 366 pages.





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6 hours ago, Crazy bricks said:

It is a crime to call this a Mod, that is a true MOC! Expertly done may I add. 

Thank you. Nice to hear it.

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