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[COR-FB] Corlander Embassy on Terraversa, Westface

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While Oleon has invested heavily in their newly conquered territories in Northern Terraversa, Corrington's resources has been stretched in countering the Lotus threat to the far East. This has put Corlander investments in a rather unfavourable light, something L'Olius has not been late to remark, privately or publicly.


"Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your new position, my dear friend!" Cooke beamed a bright smile. "Her Royal Majesty's ambassador to all of Terraversa - I would say that is quite the honour, and well-earned for your many years of service"

Montoya, giving a polite bow to his friend, replied: "Indeed, indeed. An honour and a burden, but one I am very willing to take. However..." he sighed.

"However, our resources are spread thin across the Brick Seas, and our support for the Commonwealth of Terraversa after the war has been a bloody disgrace!" Cooke spat out bluntly. "We have even removed most of the fleet East, leaving little to protect our interests in these seas!"

"Might you not be slightly biased by the lack of a command for yourself, my dear friend?"

"That is ENTIRELY besides the point!" Despite these words, Cooke did visibly calm down.

"And have you not spent your time productively with the artillery and defences of the new Commonwealth, as well as training it's navy?"

"I have, I have... But let me tell you this, Isaac, if I do not soon get a deck under my feet, I will go stark raving mad -  not to mention that I will lose all chance of promotion!"

"You are the most senior post-captain in the list...."

"In Terra Nova, yes! Back home, the spit and polish crowd are caressing their interests with the Admirality and Royal Court, and I'll tell you this - at some point some upstart from a moneyed family will show up here, bossing me around. Some puppy, with little actual experience! Bossing me around!" The colour was rising in Cooke's face as he ranted on.

"I am sure the rear-admiral will not let that happen, my friend." Montoya ensured his friend. "He holds you in high regard."

"Yet I am left without a ship! Without even a barge to call my own!"

"One will come, in due time, I have no doubt." Montoya turned. "Now, allow me to give you a tour of this newly constructed embassy. It is quite the showpiece, I will tell you...."


The newly built Corlander embassy to Terraversa was placed in Westface, to solidify Corlander policy that the Commonwealth was to be the main hub for Terraversa. It was a stately building of three floors, the bottom holding conference rooms, kitchen, and a large dining hall. On the middle floor, stately offices, studies, a large library, and private chambers were located, while the top floor held bedrooms for staff and dignitaries.


To be licensed by Corrington as a medium art and culture in Westface.


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Very nice embassy building and grounds. I like the architecture and color combination of the building. The grounds with the cobbled street, pavilion, trees, lanterns, cannons and flowers are worthy of an embassy.

Interesting to read a sequel about Captain Jonathan Cooke and Consul Montoya. In the previous story, I didn't notice the two because I didn't know what they looked like.


A link to the characters would be a useful addition.


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Impressive embassy and build. I like the little gazebo outside as well, that's an interesting extra touch. I also very much like the use of orange for the facade. It gives it a really Caribbean or pirate age look.

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Magnificent embassy! Nailed the style. Realy digging those gable windows and, I know it's a small detail but the guard uniform is pretty awesome for ceremonial guard work.

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