Freedom Gundam - 42145 Airbus H175 Alternate model

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Allow me to introduce my alternate model of the LEGO Technic 42145 Airbus H175 Helicopter.
It uses only the parts included in the set. It is based on the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam with slightly changed colour combo due to the donor set.
The robot measures:
47 cm in height
61 cm in wingspan
The model features 4 motorized functions operated by a gearbox:
Wing movement
Torso rotation
Arm movement
Head rotation
Other features include:
Poseable shoulders, elbows and thumbs
Poseable hip, shoulder and knee guards
Accessories include:
Beam Rifle
The battery box is attached to a brace that helps to stabilize the figure but it stands perfectly on an even surface.
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It's amazing how you got the feel and essence of the source material given you were limited to a single set, and it looks as though you used most of the pieces from the helicopter. Front-paged. 

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You really outdid yourself (yet again), Milan! It's so refreshing to see a motorized non-vehicular and a dynamic, even poseable large-scale action figure! Also love how the well the rotors simply just fit! If you got an UV lamp, you could make those eyes really glow, just my 2 cents!

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