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[OL - FB] Eltina Public Library

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While Breshaun is the jewel of Le Bellan and Le Bellan is the jewel of Oleon, Eltina is by no means a backwater. The Crown continues to invest in the cultural and social development of Eltina as the sister city to Breshaun. One of these Crown funded capital projects has recently been completed as Eltina now is home to a public library. 


Fountains and statues surround the tall somewhat ornate new landmark in Eltina. 


Patrons enjoy the peaceful atmosphere from the upstairs balcony and enjoy sitting quietly to read amongst the bountiful natural light from tall windows. 


Inside, stacks of books crowd in upon library goers to maximize the volume of books on display. Along the walls and on top of the stacks are works of art and artifacts from the Royal Collection. 


This large educational structure will do well in promoting Eltina as an important city amongst colonial possessions in its own right beyond the support the city provides to the social scene and high society of Breshaun. 

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Very nicely built Public Library. I like the entryway with the statue, fountain and flowers. The interior is interesting with the bookshelf, books and pictures. An information for those who are not familiar with paintings. On the right is a painting of Paolo Picasso "King Philip I and Queen Beatrice".

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