[COR - FB - Prospecting] Fortune Hunter Mad Morgan, Quinnsville

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From Mad Morgan's diary, Professional Fortune Hunter

February 14, 623,
Dear Diary. Today I left Fiorentia, the island of flowers. My long journey across the sea has begun, in search of happiness. Unfortunately, my allergy to flowers made it impossible to live here any longer.

February 21, 623,
Dear Diary. Fighted with a shark today. Another normal day at sea...

February 28, 623,
Dear Diary. Today I had to face a heavy storm on the West Prio Sea. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my beloved vessel 'Rubber Duck'. I washed up on Sabre Island.

February 29, 623,
Dear Diary. People sometimes say I'm a bit 'mad', but just today I met a strange chap in Poppy Port. His name is Jolly Jones. He is a lonely wolf at sea. He claims that he once served under the infamous Captain Blackbeard. I'm going to get to know him more closely.


BoBS - Prospecting build, Quinnsville

March 17, 623,
Dear Diary. I almost forgot about you. Sorry about this. I think I became friends with Jolly Jones. Recently he even expressed his appreciation for Corrington! Weird pirate, I told you.

March 31, 623,
Dear Diary. Today, after a few glasses of rum, Jolly Jones spoke about the rumors of valuable minerals found on Cocovia. If I was interested in pursuing new adventures... I said to sleep on it.

April 1, 623,
Dear Diary. I'm going on an adventure. No, it's not a joke.

April 12, 623,
Dear Diary. Our ship is finished. Well, ship. It is a raft with which we hope to cross the Cocovia Sea. Fingers crossed.

April 19, 623,
Dear Diary. We're well on our way. In the distance we see Cocovia. After a game of rock - paper - scissors we decided to travel to Quinnsville.

April 20, 623,
Dear Diary. Today we set foot on land. Here we immediately found an abandoned mine. We wonder if the previous fortune hunters have left something for us. You will hear from me soon! Love Mad Morgan.


BoBS - Prospecting build, Quinnsville


A prospecting build to find some valuable minerals on Quinnsville! @Ayrlego

Property type: Prospecting build for minerals
Dimensions: 48 x 27 studs
Total parts: ~2,000

- Design raft based on a design by @ marinbrickdesign
- Design Mad Morgan: Lego CMF Series 12 - Prospector (col186)
- Design Jolly Jones: Tattooga (Appears in Lego Pirates of Barracuda Bay - 21322)

Edited by Bricksbypidy

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Very nicely built landscape and raft. Interesting story, I'm curious what the two find.

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Nice build! And fun New characters. I like the way you bring it very much!

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The abandoned mine turns out to contain a sizable deposit of salt.

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