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Took this time some inspiration from @johndrinkin and his art deco/retrofuturistic trains and some existing trains with smooth "bathtub" cowl appearance.
Here few versions of it with a slight forward and backward cowl and with standard parts and customs wheels that suits better  

With custom wheels that are slightly bigger XLL

With standard partlist 

r/LEGOtrains - With standard wheels
r/LEGOtrains - With standard wheels
Due too similarity of them here some other photos and angels 
r/LEGOtrains - Front View
Hoses job (it was painful and full of struggle but I`ve made it! )

Size comparison between desighn with custom wheels and sandart(sorter)
r/LEGOtrains - Comparison of sizes between versions
r/LEGOtrains - Top View

Been working on this for way too much time but got a few new ideas and some of them use as improvements for PRR GG1 family 
Maybe will try to make a "tank version" based on some German/Dutchland streamlined train (if not fall fully insane)

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20 minutes ago, Crazy bricks said:

Wow! Love the Art Deco style here, would love Lego to do something like this.

yeah we don't get enough representation from lego  trains from Streamline/art deco era except for good old Santa Fe 

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