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[OL - FB] LBSF Brick Factory

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The Merchants of the Le Bellan Shipping and Freight (LBSF) are determined that Nola Mar take it's logical place as a center piece in the Kingdom of Light's colonial possessions. Such a long term investment in development can not be built out of thin air though. And that is why the Merchants have constructed a LARGE FACTORY in Nola Mar for the production of bricks. 


Two furnaces fed coal through ports on the side. Workers rotate in and out of the attached shake, lovingly referred to as, "The hot room" in between the two furnace towers. 


Inside, clay is packed and pressed into LBSF patented brick molds...



Bricks are then baked like pizza's until tempered and hardened. 


The floor is busy, today's quota will be surpassed, the owners will be pleased with the report. 



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Beautiful architecture of the brick factory. It is very interesting to see the workers making bricks. An inside view is a lot of extra work because you have to know beforehand how bricks are made.

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Lovely brick building! Like I replied in the pottery topic: always interesting to see the process of a product. I also really like the oven, it looks very heavy duty and industrial.

Now only one question remains: if this is the factory to make bricks, then where did they get the bricks to make the factory? :wacko: :wink:

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