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Ross Fisher

[OL - FB] Lifting the Siege of Seawatch

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At last things were starting to fall into place! Beauchamp's strategy seemed to have the approval of the redcoats, and the interest of the greenbacks. Now was the time to put it all into action. 
As Hercule looked back over the column, a frown crossed his face. It wasn't like last time; fighting on his own soil, against a familiar old foe. No! Now they were facing strangers, on a strange shore. Shoulder to shoulder with horse-eaters and night-cappers. What a world we live in. 
Where now were those gallant heroes of the Juniper Groves? Those brave young bastards with fire in their bellies, and powder on their lips. They were gone. Over the hills or under them. And all that was left was one old soldier, trading on long-spent victories. 
He waved to his aide; another bright young thing with mustard on his mutton. 
"Signal the men into position." He muttered quietly. 
"Oui Général." Was the curt reply. 
And what an army they were! Colonials, Tribals and Nuns. Untried, untested, unready. Jules claimed they had fought and won battles before. But what does a priest know of battle?

He waved Georges over.
"Let's have something with a bit of body behind it, shall we?"
"The Chateau Marôt, perhaps?" offered the chef.
"Uh, yes. Yes I suppose that will do." The man disappeared back to his wagon to find the relevant crate.
"You intend to drink your way through the battle?" asked Jules, all snide superiority. As usual. 
"We each have our own little ways of coping. Mine has served me well."
"Just be sure you're sensible to the needs of your troops, brother."
"In my experience, Jules, once you point your men at the enemy, they either take care of themselves, or they don't. Either way, my drinking isn't going to change that."
The Bishop just huffed, and grumbled back to his own people. But what did that matter? It wasn't like bows and spears were likely to affect the outcome of this battle, anyway. 
"De la Tour?" He called.
"Oui Général?" Came the young man, trotting up. 
"Unfurl the colours. Remind everyone who the greatest warriors on this battlefield are."
"Oui Général!" He replied, happy and willing. 
Dragoons. Now that was a modern man's soldier. None of this 'irregular' nonsense.
He looked along the line at all those tense, expectant blues. It was certainly something.
"Men of Oleon!" He roared, his voice carrying back all the way to the artillery. "I know you can gut this cowardly enemy and wipe them from this isle! But now I want you to prove it to me! Pour le roi!"
The deafening roar of the reply startled his horse, but it brought a smile to his face. The old soldier drew his sabre and prepared to fight his final battle. 

Lifting the Seige of Seawatch

Little did he know that at that very moment his king and master had put the final flourish on the paperwork that would confer his family the greatest title they had ever held. Their crowning achievement.
And at the same moment, a young woman in the village beyond the walls of the Chateau Guemain was delivered of a son. Hercule the Younger was a delight to his tired mother, and met with the approval of his calculating aunt
Things were all falling into place. 

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Well-built landscape and impressive formation of troops. The story is good too and I liked it. The poor cook is also at the front.

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On 4/12/2023 at 2:33 PM, NOD said:

The story is good too


On 4/14/2023 at 11:29 AM, Yperio_Bricks said:

a great story

On 4/12/2023 at 10:06 PM, Jeff of Clubs said:

Another solid installment

Thanks! I'm really enjoying writing this storyline. It's got a great combination of humour and pathos. Really speaks to my own personal outlook. 

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Nice minfig posing and great story! As you have seen, my troops have already been inspired by General François… Pour le Roi!!!

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