GoH 10C: Aslanic Chapel

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Aslanic Chapel


Almost every block of Cedrica has a chapel or temple of Aslan, it seems, though many of them are of different traditions. Here on this block of Cedrica, next to the Elven Gardens, is the Chapel of High King Peter, of the High Petrine Aslanic Tradition. This branch is indicated by the crossed keys on the shield, and the high altar of the Broken Stone Table inside. 


Other angles:



The ground floor has a bakery, run by Barty and his wife Flowri. They are famous for their pastries, but their bread is pretty good, too. 




There is also the barbershop of the renegade elf with dreams of kingship, Barbarossa. He's good with a blade. 


Upstairs is the chapel. An Aelfcat pilgrim has walked and sailed thousands of miles to visit this chapel, which houses a relic of the True Stone Table, which is said to have miraculous properties. 


The cleric inside is preparing for the liturgy, not yet vested, but making sure the book is set. 


Up a small ladder from the chapel one reaches the bedroom of the cleric. It is small and sparse, with a simple bed and a tiny desk for writing his sermons. 


Continuing up the ladder brings you to the bells themselves. They ring out over the city at the hours and when prayer is about to start. 


Out back in the canal, musicians compete with each other to woo the mermaids. Albret the Bard and Gripwood the fiddler each hope that Elsariel will consent to marry him. They should both expect to be disappointed. 





Thanks for looking! I built this to add on to the Elven Gardens, since I had so much fun and did not want to stop. But since that category only allows 32x32 footprints, I decided to put this one here. Some pictures of both parts together can be found in the spoiler. 





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Wow, this is a stunning build. The overall height is fantastic, and the roofline is very sharp. I like a lot of the details with the minis, like the mermaid, bell ringer, chapel, and the balcony scene.  You have a good eye for color on the build, and they are rich with detail.  If there is any one suggestion, I would cut out a room or two to expand a few others. There's a ton of detail and you managed to get it all in there, but it feels a little claustrophobic.  Love all the architecture, and the falcon on top is great.  Outstanding work!  It's good to see some of your builds again!

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I really love this (aside maybe from the dark grey, dk grey and tan has to be one of my least favorite color combos), the height is great, the peak over the doorway, great little shops beneath--a lot to enjoy!

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I get why you've built this, on its own it's a solid building with some nice details like the roof of the tower. But next to the other module they just complement each other so much!!

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I love love love the clean lines and crisp architecture of the structures here :wub_drool: Super use of height as well, which is nicely accentuated by the very steep rooflines :thumbup:

Clever and space efficient shelving with the SNOT 1x1 brackets. Is that some extremely delicate sticker placement to accomplish the striped barber's pole? Looks great in any case!

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Great job putting so much details into that tiny footprint :thumbup:
I also love the idea to flesh out the Aslanic faith with different traditions, already gives me some ideas for future builds :classic:

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