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Cedrica City Block: Elven Gardens


In the Avalonian Quarter, it is absolutely essential that there be at least one tree on every street corner, otherwise the tight-wearing treehuggers get a bit, well, nervous. And it's important that there be somewhere to get tights, too. Fortunately, at the corner called Elven Gardens, Avalonians can have both within a few short paces. 


Rear view:


The tights shop is small and narrow, but it has everything that Taimo the Tailor needs. And everything that Fred the Forestman needs, too. 



But of course there is more to the block than just tights! There is also Scott the Scibner's Cartography and Copies Shop. 


And there's the Red Dragon Tavern, too. They would have named it the Green Dragon, as being more fitting for Avalonia, but then there was already a tavern called the Green Dragon a few blocks away, and the proprietor, Mikkel George, had personally killed and taxidermied a red dragon. It's not the busiest place in the late morning, but that doesn't stop some folks from being deep in their cups. 


Up one level, there's a cozy bedroom for rent, perhaps currently being rented by a masked bounty hunter.


There's also a jeweler's shop, run by Jemli the Dwarf.


And a candlemaker's shop. Caleb makes the best candles in this part of town, with a consistent, clean burn. 


There's also a bookstore, but they won't let anyone inside to take pictures of any sort. Mrs. Davis, the proprietor, hates portrait takers and sketch artists. Poor takers and sketchy artists, she calls 'em. 

Up the stairs at the back will lead you to Skruj the Dwarf's Counting House and Moneylending Services. He's a hard man, er, dwarf, to bargain with and an even harder one to be in debt to. You'd be better off jumping off the balcony into the canal below. 


Skruj has a small bedroom through a door from his shop. It's got a lovely view and even a cozy fireplace. 


On the same level is Harold's Heraldry Shoppe, where Harold Brunhair paints the shields of all the fashionable knights of the realm. The official city guard's shields are painted there, and some say that Queen Ylspeth uses his services for her own shield. He does every shape and style, and never has a disappointed customer. 



And finally, up a ladder next to Harold's, is the Elven Tea Garden, a most peaceful place to meet some friends and conduct business, as long as one is an elf (or at least a half-elf, with your full-elf mother's presence). Galaria, Dragon Mistress of Druidham, is here on holiday with three of her children. 



Down in the street and on the waterfront, or up on the balcony level, lots of other folk can be seen, including Henjin Quilones, Master of the Druidi Order of Druidham, and his elder daughter. 


A tree hugger sights the tree, fresh from the tights store.


Going to the post office to send a letter to his dear wife in the Trifork. 


Discussing the day's news with purchases from the bakery. 


After a visit to Skruj, it's hard to smile. 


The canal in the back is a quieter place, great for fishing. And dumping out waste water. 


And while hugging the tree is always allowed, it is not advised that you climb the tree. You might regret it. 




Sorry for all the pictures, but there's a lot to see! And none of the pictures turned out as well as I would have liked. But that's the way it works out sometimes. There's also the section that is for Cat. 10C, the Aslanic Chapel, and together they look pretty cool, too. Check the spoiler. 




Building 360-degrees and with full interiors might be the norm for someone like @soccerkid6, but not for me! So this was especially labor-intensive and time consuming. But fun.

Edited by Henjin_Quilones

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This is a fantastic build. This really captures the feel of the Ninjago city sets for me, but with the GoH theme to it.  You have some really fantastic parts usage here, such as the SW head for a hornet's nest and the wand/lever combo for a pipe.  Your tudor frames with partial recess are beautiful, and you have a good sense of color blocking on the architecture.  Speaking of the architecture, the detailing on the columns is very nice, and you have enough greebling to break up a wall without it looking too busy.  Your trees/plants look organic and natural, which I appreciate given the difficulty of doing such a thing, and in particular I think your whip trunk tree lends an element of 'elvenness' (if that is a word) to the build.  I hadn't seen the green horn in the flower stem before, but it looks good!  I think the candlemaker and moneycounter are my favorite merchants.  As with the temple, I think sacrificing one or two rooms to give yourself a bit more space on a few others may have been beneficial, although I think that it is less noticeable here than the temple. The elven gardens at the top are really the crown jewel in my opinion, and give a very light, airy feel to the build.  Now you leave me wanting to see more of your builds and HQ's story!

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I expected better images, because you complimented the colors well. So I ask to see the rooftop, please.

I see the sentence now, my apologies, I hadn't scrolled down fast, rather passive actually, but well colors had hidden the collumns from my senses. That'll do.

Well done creating a joyous occaison.

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I really like this without the steeple too I'll be honest. The colours are great, the dimensions work well, and the gazebo is a real good centerpiece! 

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There is indeed a lot to see!  Wonderful job taking the Ninjago city aesthetic to Cedrica, such a great variety of colors, techniques, interiors--more than any other entry this is the one that makes me regret not having gotten into this category.  Each interior has a clear purpose, I love the shield decorator's especially, and the back alley also has a surprising amount of activity and detail.  That wand pipe technique is particularly good.  Overall a fantastic build!

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Super impressive Cedrica block! Will echo others on saying it feels completely in line with the Ninjago City style, yet fitting well in Cedrica.
Impressive use of the SNOT tiles and jumper plates columns, especially with those inverted and studs up 4x4 plate capitols to give some extra flair.

And you absolutely packed in the interior detail here! No wasted space :thumbup: The heraldry shop and counting house may be my favorites, but there are neat details to discover all over.

I felt the same way about these city blocks being super time and labor intensive. Including interiors is far more work when you have numerous two and three story buildings in one scene :laugh:
Definitely rewarding to complete them though!

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Very neat module!  Having the tree be the focal point is a bold and great choice and plays well with the curved bank.  

The large stone pillars and balcony set up the base of the second story well.  The top floor garden is lively and fitting.

I'm in awe at all of the interior scenes.  The shield shop and candle shop are particularly great.

I appreciated looking at all of the pictures!

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Such a beautiful slice of Cedrica! I love the trees and all the little shops you fit in, but my favorite detail might be the combination of the spiral stairs, stone stairs, and the ladder to climb up the back. 

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This entry definitely is one that embraces the Ninjago City Gardens the most. Excellent execution! I love watching at all the details outside and even more all the things going on inside those tiny buildings. It's like looking at catalog pictures of a great set and drooling all over it. Amazing stuff!

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The tightest tights shop for the tightest of tights. :tongue: A man excitedly approaching a tree with opens arms? Refined GoH comedy! :laugh::thumbup: 

You really worked your magic here, Henjin. Massively impressive work! The rooftop garden is definitely a place I'd love to hang out, especially like those elves around! :wink: I also want to call out the tree with the silver bark, and lime and lila leaves. There's no way that it should work so well! :wub: Also really like the moneylender's from both the inside and outside. Finally, the jeweler's shop is crazy. So tight, and even with the odd-angled wall you managed to cram in a detailed desk, cabinet (with interesting door) and room to sit. Cheers to this wonderful piece!

Edited by Exetrius

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That is truly incredible. The seamless merging of those two themes that I didn't think would work together is really something to be proud of.

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