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Hi all,

My latest MOC is an Architecture style version of the National Gallery of Denmark (Danish: Statens Museum for Kunst - SMK) in central Copenhagen.

The building was completed in 1896 and is inspired by Italian renaissance. The modern building on the back was added in 1998.

More pictures can be found in this Flickr folder

Read more about the building process and see reference pictures below the model images.

And please leave a comment if you like the model :classic:








The corner slopes in sand green have been in my collection since 21017 Imperial Hotel and I have known for some time that I wanted to use them for this model. This brick would define the scale of the entire building together with the 1 x 6 x 2 arch chosen for the arch above the main entrance.



Multiple colors (Medium Nougat, Tan, Dark Tan and Light Grey have been used to mimic the weathered look of the facade.






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Once again absolutely brilliant work, both on the historical and the modern sides! The detail work on the facades, the various angles, the colour choices, beautiful piece of LEGO architecture all around.

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This is a really attractive build. You've integrated the modern architecture well and you've really captured the likeness of the original building. Well done.

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