[Minifigs] Embervale Main Characters v2.0 and an Important Announcement

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After a few years of making custom minifigs, I have come to realise that minidolls are by far superior. The are way more realistic and expressive, and on top of that their elegant figures are a perfect match for the setting of my storyline.

So here is an improved version of my main characters, from left to right:
- Grog, Goblin Guard of Embervale
- Evrart, Captain of the Guards of Embervale,
- Alrune, Necromancer and Governor of Embervale,
- Dresghar, Cultural Attaché of Embervale, with Rex the Tarasque Cub.


Much better, right?


You know what? I actually like those minidolls. 
And I had a lot of fun making them.
Not a lot of choice for heads and outfits (and that's an understatement), but in the end I've found parts that capture the likeness of the characters rather well. With a way more juvenile look, granted, but they even feature the actual eye colors I had in mind for them!


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Didn't know that detailed Lute came in the Lunar New Year set, really cool!  Love the designs. Obviously, we should all strive to use minidolls now, and, as this is a fantastic April 1 build and you no longer need your minifigure parts since you will be working exclusively in minidolls, I really appreciate you agreeing to donate all your minifigure parts to me! :wink:

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For a brief moment I was horrified and then I realized I was three days late :laugh_hard:  Good one!

They're impressively recognizable as your characters and certainly some of the best minidoll characters I've seen!  And I must admit that minidoll skirts/dresses are considerably more graceful than minifigure dresses (especially the rounded ones that are completely flat in front! so absurd! okay, rant over).

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