Japan bi-level high speed train - Shinkansen E4 max in 8w version

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I haven't login here for a pretty long while as I found updating on facebook LEGO train group is more convenient

But well I should also give an update here to my final 8w version of E4 max

actually I had built for an year and expanded it from 7w to 8w in order to smoothen the nose in scale

something expected was the initial coupling design didn't survive the R40 curve and eventually I revised that with the entire bogie












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It still looks amazing! I like how the big wedge piece at the front just does a very good job at creating the transition between the popped out windscreen and the main body of the train. Just one big piece creating a good-looking solution.

Nice that it takes R40 curves. But i guess it makes a lot of sense that I see some of the bigger curves in the background ;)

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Nicely done. The train nose looks good at the scale. Almost comical how it looks on R40 curves.

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