New Baseplate 48x48 height difference

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Hi all,

I just bought one of the new baseplates 48x48, this in order to continue the layout of a (Castle)moc I'm working on. After adding the plate to the moc and starting to build on it, I noticed it keeps tilting and lifting up and down. Apparently there is a height difference with the old plates. :oh:

The section of the moc has a wall overlapping 2 baseplates and it shows the weight on the rest of the plate is pulling on the wall and making it separate when moved around. I only bought one, so maybe it's an error. But could anyone check if they have the same problem? 

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You can get a slightly twisting / lifting, especially in larger baseplates, if you have a brick dense region in one section and not much else in another. If you are attaching the baseplate to another with a wall, which will cause some localised stress compared to a free baseplate, are you also putting enough weight elsewhere on the other side to hold down the baseplate.

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