Cruela De Vil 1930s roadster - real world 40532 (Vintage Taxi) inspired MOD

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This car is owned by Cruella De Vil of "101 Dalmatians" fame in the classic red and black paint-scheme of that animated film... and no, its doesn't fall-apart like in the sequel film, "Patch's London Adventure". (at least, not on purpose!)


I built the model by heavily stretching set 40532 - Vintage Taxi by about seven studs. This allowed for me to add in some mechanical details, although it might be a bit too long now.


I added a covered spare tire at the rear of the car, and blacked out the back windscreen to give the impression of a fabric convertible top.


As an added bonus, the car still seats two figures with room in the trunk for luggage.


The whole point of building this car is to give Cruela from the upcoming Disney CMF her iconic vehicle back and complete her "look". I plan on buying this figure as soon as it comes out on April 1st.


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9 minutes ago, JopieK said:

@Murdoch17 looks really nice! Now you also need an appropriate driver for her :)

She drives herself in the two animated films that I'm basing this off of. That butler guy from the late-90's live-action remake + horrible sequel did drive her in that series, but the car was black and white in those two films. Thanks for the suggestion, though @JopieK!

7 minutes ago, Jdrewg said:

Looks great!

Thank you @Jdrewg!

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