GoH 10 B: Castle Kitchen

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Welcome to the cozy inside of Chef Délicieux's new kitchen!


Chef Délicieux's Kitchen was both one of my favorite of my own GoH builds and yet strangely enough also one I can easily see lots of problems with, so it was a logical choice for "Old but Gold"!


In the revamp, my main focus was keeping the colors clearer and more harmonious.


I'm a little annoyed by how hard it is to see the inside of the fireplace with the table in place, but oh well, you can't have everything!





I've also got a video explaining some of the techniques and a higher quality version of the flickering fire!


Thanks for stopping by!  C&C welcome!

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I loved the original and this remake is cool too. You've managed to stuff a lot of details into the available space again. I didn't watch the video, but it appears the floor is ingots on plates? Cool technique.

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