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Professor Thaum

[Lotus - Seawatch campaign] Intelligence.

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EL Oleonda, nearby Seawatch, over the forest canopy.

Ninja 1 : Learned friend ninja, apparently the daring plan of the honorable Taisa fell through.

He planned that our miserable opponents would continue to flip flop after their landing and that he would then counter-attack quickly... But the missal lickers, the scrooges and the illiterates already came to an agreement and they are attacking now. They don't even stop to take a shit !


Ninja 2 : Ai, Oko-san. Let's go back to warn the honorable Taisa. I'm willing to wager my miserable pair of shoes that he's gonna be mad to learn that his plan was so well-oiled that he could strap it on and stick it to him.



C&C welcome, this is a second build for the lotii

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Another scene in the jungle. This time with ninjas who are well camouflaged. Well-built jungle with lots of plants. A ninja with a bow and arrow can be a very dangerous enemy.

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