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Professor Thaum

[Lotus - Seawatch campaign] Counterstrike.

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El Oleonda jungle, the redcoats are chasing some retreating lotii troops, but...

So, the Lotii are retreating in the jungle after the success of the landings of the coalition to free Seawatch.


The reds are leadinbg the hunt


But the lotii prepared some surprise to secure their withdrawal...


Ninja troops are ready to give trouble to the dauntless pursuers ! Using a whole range of cunning, from straw dummies...


... To disguised troops






Do the reds scrape a living ?

A first build response to the attacks of the coalition


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Great jungle diorama! I like the landscape and especially the special trees. :pir-triumph:  Good story that makes the Seawatch Campaign interesting again.

Thanks for the effort to build a diorama for the underdog. I still remember my defense build for Kings Port. With my build, the Terraversan troops almost won. Actually, they lost, but it was fun to build. I hope The Seawatch Campaign doesn't end after the next MRCA.

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