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Dutch Thriceman

L1 Cyclops - Main Vertical Tank of the Europian Federal Union 2050

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Posted (edited)

It's been a while since I last visited Eurobricks, but I've wanted to share this Mech model as I'm really happy with how it turned out.

This model was built for the Discord based Lego group 'World In Darkness', check the groups works out here:


After the Ansui Coup happened the EFU motioned for the production of a Main Vertical Tank of their own. Specifically a rapidly producable yet still effective MVT to bolster their borders and protect themselves and their allies. This led to the UFA, the most technologicaly advanced member in the alliance to graciously send some top engineers to help with development.

The L1-Cyclops features two subtractable missile bays that can be installed with a variety of payloads depending on mission paramaters. As well as two chute-fed undermounted WLKM 12,7 Multi-Barrel Machineguns. It has an onboard rudementary AI that can either support a rear-mounted pilot or operate independantly on some basic parameters.


Pictures showcasing extra details of the cyclops not seen in the main flagship pictures.

1. Fully posable legs! Put them in T-Rex or Chicken Walker position, or simulate walking/movement.

2. Clean finished rear, not really a feature but I didn't find the booty shot interesting enough to showcase seperately, sue me.

3. Fully retractable / fully openable missile bays. Hide them behind a thick layer of armor if necessary or deploy them to reign absolute hell upon your enemies.

4. An ejectable pilot cockpit with full interior detailing. Credit to Dane Erland for inspiration on this cockpit.


That's all folks.

(Edited because pics were a bit too large, sorry about that.)

Edited by Dutch Thriceman

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Good looking mecha. Proportioned well, and it includes a number of play features. The ejection capsule and the massive shoulder rocket battery are neat.

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