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Eurobricks Event #16 Building Challenge

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Hey there lovely Eventees!

not too long until we will finally see each other again in Billund and it is time for a event building challenge!
This year it will be: 
Build your own "Houses of the World" building in style of the recent LEGO GWP 40583.

So get creative and show us what you can come up with. It can be your own house, or another house of the town you live in, or a house you have been impressed by (just tell a good story about why this house is the one you choose).That way we also learn even more about each other. :wub:

The rules should be easy (if you have questions just ask) and as following:

Use LEGO to build a building in style of the LEGO "Houses of the World" GWP.
Keep it in roughly the same size as the model form LEGO. That means on a 12x10 studs base. (12 studs wide and 10 studs deep.)
It should have a 2 studs deep sidewalk and no overhang on each side. That way we can all put them togehter and have a cool street.
The house from LEGO has some nice interior. It is not needed but appreciated if you do the same.
A nice paper print out with some informations about the building would be nice too.

And most importantly - Have fun!

Here you find a reference of the actual set:


All the best and see you soon in Billund :classic:

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Thank you very much, Skalldyr for setting up this cool building contest.:thumbup:

I already have an idea of what to come up with. :grin:

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Cheers Skalldyr, I will get planning. In fact a recent PaB raid will assist me well. :pir-triumph:

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