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[MOC] 10497 Alternate - LAAT

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I present You LAAT - Low Altitude Adventure Transport. Inspired by the @Themiddlebrick fantastic UT-928D Galaxy Transporter and originaly built for the CSE spaceship contest. Similar to the UT-928D I ran into dimension problems - wingspan of LAAT is 42 studs.. and this being an Alternate I decided not to compromise the looks and decided to finish the model without participating the contest. 


The idea for LAAT came from the realisation that all the classic spaceman share the same face, just like the clones from the Star Wars, therfore it was fitting to try and build one of the most popular Clone era flyers - LAAT. 


  1. Opening cockpit - can fit 2 spaceman in a line one after another
  2. Middle front part opens to grant easier access for the interrior
  3. Rear ramp opens and it's possible to drive in with a small moonrover
  4. Swooshability - built to be sturdy (Antennas and dishes can be knocked off but the rest of the build is quite solid)
  5. In total it's possible to fit all 4 spaceman, robot and a 4 wheel rover


Model has been build with real bricks and tested for structural integrity, some photos below of the real thing.




If anyone is interested, I have also made instructions for sale and have put them on Rebrickable - LAAT

Cheers and happy building! 

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Very nice!

Man, SW designs really look much better in Space colors.

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