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[MOC] Pirates Great Airship

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1. Title of work: Pirates Great Airship
2. Production period: 2 months
3. Required parts: 2771
4. Size(cm) (Width x Length x Height): 55 x 36 (15 excluding wings) x 37


This MOC is configured so that it can be assembled only with creator pirateships(31109 x 2) and a white rabbit(31133) without any additional parts.

First of all, it is a rendered image.


It is modular and designed to be separated into 6 parts: hull, stand, cabin, quarter deck, engine, and auxiliary propeller.



Image seen below. It was a bit difficult to take a real picture, so I replaced it with a rendered image.


Real model assembly image.

The bow boasts a higher height than the previously made pirates battleship


back side. The red brick cabins are divided into upper and lower cabins.


The bow is high, so the picture taken from below looks quite majestic.


A sniper cannon and two machine guns are mounted on the bow deck.


Existing curved sail bits were combined with White Rabbit parts and put into making airbags.

Compared to normal airships, it is regrettable that the airbag is very small compared to the size of the ship, but I think I should go over it as an over-technological element....


A mechanical device made to express something like an engine.



It can be lifted by hand by removing the stand. (Somewhat heavy...)


The wings are folderble.


This is a stand made of bits left over from making a ship.

It is difficult to stand on its own due to the asymmetric shape of the ship and the propeller located on the bottom, so a stand must be manufactured.


Separate parts...


cabin. I made a large cabins in the previous ship, but this time I can't do that..


The lower cabin is slightly wider than the upper cabin.


engine room. The door opens here.

here is rebrickable instructions.

Thank you :)

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I love the idea of taking just a couple of fairly easily obtainable sets and making a pretty unique MOC just from those parts. Well done!

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