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The Sarge

[OL-FB] The Liason Arrives

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The lighter bobbed alongside the dock as adjoint Chef de Bataillon Valentin de Glenson marched up the dock to the beat of his drummer. The gold braid epaulettes of a staff officer glistened in the sun. Behind a thick wall of jungle, he could just make out the tops of the buildings of Seawatch - the view rudely interrupted by a slightly inebriated Corrie leftenant waving with one hand, the other occupied by a drink.

Not even a salute!  de Glenson grimaced internally. Such boors. Ah well. Best foot forward and perhaps their leadership will be better behaved.


The enthusiastic young officer mistook de Glenson's forced smile for actual enthusiasm, and began to regale him with tales of derring-do from the recent siege, coming perilously close to spilling his cocktail.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure you were quite heroic lad. But best get this show on the road, non?"

Trailed by his aide, clerk, a detachment of signallers, and a small honor guard, they struck out for headquarters in Seawatch, the Lieutenant babbling the whole way.

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I feel like foreign reports and artists are often rather unkind in their representations of our troops... :pir-sceptic:

Probably compensating for something... :pir-triumph:

I like the forced perspective - it's an interesting way to create a landscape that is more curved. Perhaps playing around with more focus on the front for a more blurry background could improve the effect even more? Cool choice of colour, too.

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