[COR-ATTACK] Corlander Attack Commences

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After extensive preparation, the forces of Corrington on El Oleonda set out to attack the Lotii in the area surrounding Seawatch.

Having first staged in Spudkirk, the redcoat forces had months prior arrived to relieve beseiged Seawatch from its Lotii attackers.

The redcoat forces weren't alone in their fight with the Lotus Empire. They were joined by Oleon, Eslandola, and the Carnite forces in Seawatch. Oleon and Corrington had coordinated together to best provide logistical support to one another to beat their common foe. This had led to the armies being flush with food and ammunition. Eslandola, having arrived a bit unannounced, had also begun coordinating for the attack with Corlander commanders.

For months the Corlander forces had been sending out reconnaissance missions around Seawatch, both by mounted forces and irregular infantry. These missions served to both detect nearby Lotii positions and to provide mobile screens against enemy incursion. Additionally, during their recon, the redcoat forces identified a number of well-worn animal paths through the dense jungle, which would ease their movement on the march.

The recon missions had on numerous occasions led to small skirmishes with the Lotii. First, Major Brickford had exchanged fire with the Lotii following a rendevous with greencoat forces. More recently, Major Brickleton, with a combined force of hussars and infantry, had torched a Lotii outpost in the jungle.

Now, with the enemy retreating from that most recent skirmish, the 475 men that made up the entire bulk of the Corlander army on El Oleonda were on the march. The forces consisted of 325 crown forces and 150 WTC troops. The WTC troops took the lead in the march, followed by infantry and artillery units. The drummers who would normally mark the march speed for the army were silent - they had traded their drumsticks for muskets, both to help rid the island of the Lotii devils and to help the army proceed more stealthily. Rapid mounted units, hussars and dragoons, maintained a constant vigil on the entire line - riding back and forth to make sure no areas were exposed. The mounted units also carried orders along the line, keeping the army in sync without drums. A special unit of sappers lay pit traps along the edges of their path to protect their retreat should it come to that.

After consulting with their liaison officers from the Oleonese, Eslandolan, and Carnite armies, Major Brickford and Major Brickleton urge the column on.

They were confident the Lotii wouldn't know what had hit them!



OOC: This is an attack build to officially commit 475 COR units in an attack on the Lotii near Seawatch.

@CapOnBOBS @Ross Fisher @Capt Wolf @Ayrlego @LM71Blackbird @Bregir @Garmadon @Professor Thaum

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The minimalist landscape is surprisingly effective. And I love the brick-built cover on the wagon! :thumbup:

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I like the covered wagon, good that I can see it again in another build.

A wise decision to took the lead the best, strongest and most battle-hardened troops.

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