Marooned Marin

[WIP] The Black Pearl - 20th Anniversary

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9 hours ago, Marooned Marin said:

Thank yee very much! I consider HMS Midway  to be the best of your ships, but for others who are not familiar with your awesome shipbuilding record so far, here is yours Black Pearl.

Black Pearl Old vs New

I like the left version better. Can you tell me which one ended as the final? Left one, right?

Thanks! The Midway is one of my most recent ships, so my building skills were at their best, I guess. 

The left Black Pearl is my first version, built right before the PotC line came out, I believe, so 2010, 2011. Second version was built 2015. The original one used the small hulls, so definitely had some stability issues. Other than that, I think I still like my newer one slightly more, but the old one definitely has things I liked about it, and tried to replicate with version 2. Perhaps it is time for a version 3. Version 2 at the least could use a good cleaning. That thing is dusty. But the dust kinda adds to the MOC...


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