In anticipation of 910002 Studgate Station

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I was lucky enough to be able to get 910002 Studgate Station (BrickyBricks82's great LEGO Ideas project that made it to the Round 3 Bricklink Designer program and was sold out almost immediately with 10.000 items sold.

The instructions are now online and it seems the sets are shipping (I also got my Track and Trace number and invoice).

Will try to make a review soon :)

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There is a review of Studgate on Brickset-

I have found the review to be quite well-written.

The only thing that has caught me off balance is the spacing between the two parallel tracks - it is apparently 6 studs instead of the standard 8 studs. I hope that it will be simple to get the standard 8-stud spacing.

My Studgate will arrive later today.

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Mine just arrived today.  I haven't even cracked the box!  I'm still working on the Jazz Club modular, but I'll start on Studgate soon.  Probably next week.

I also plan to do a review, with pix, of the BlueBrixx Engine Hall, but will post that in a different forum.  Short take: very nicely done, clutch excellent, mishaps few.

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