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Starting the discovery of the PU system, I found it was not so easy to get information.

About the "Powered Up" app, I found this complete reference:

*** EDIT***: full version:


For the 3D sensor in the hub, I draw the following


And the following code in the app to check the 3D sensor values:


Please feel free to reply on this post, if you have valuable info for beginners.


And these basic tuto's: (in french)

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add'l link to full version of code blocks

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A more complete view of the sensors integrated in the Powered Up Hub (position, accelerometers):

The Powered Up Android app is used. 

To test the reaction of the hub to position and movements and check the values, just paste the icons on the screen, but do NOT start the program. 




The position value is set to zero at start-up. The angular values are in degrees.

The acceleration values ?? did not find a G value for the Z axis, e.g.


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