[MOC] Steam Locomotive CFR 151.002

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Hi all,

This moc i made it last year, it's based on a romanian steam locomotive CFR 151.002 produced under Santa Fe licence. It was the second prototype produced with parts from 142 series, finished in 1942 and in service until 1974.

''Mariana''  was her nickname.

52710131017_8a067287a2_c.jpgIMG_E4289 by Pufarine, on Flickr

52711069850_8e8073eab3_c.jpgIMG_E4292 by Pufarine, on Flickr

52711066700_29f745baa0_c.jpgIMG_E4306 by Pufarine, on Flickr

52710132257_fbefcdabf7_c.jpgIMG_E4303 by Pufarine, on Flickr

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Well done. The contrast between the black upper section and the red lower is striking.

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