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[MOD] Four C-models for 42133 set: Skidder, Racing car, Jet plane, Dozer compactor, instructions included

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Hello my dear friends! Today I'd like to share my collection of the alternative models for the Telehandler 42133. All the videos contain detailed building instructions, if somebody want to build the model.

1. The first one is skidder. A few years ago I've created large-scale RC skidder (Skidder John Deere 648L), and this time I have a tiny version. The functions: steering, blade elevation, boom elevation, the claw.

2. The second one is a racing car with adaptive aerodynamics. The feature that I'm waiting for years to be introduced in 1:8 Technic supercars :) The steering mechanism activates the spoiler, so the car has more downforce at curves. And due to the weight of the wing the steering has a return-to-center feature.

3. The next one is a jet plane. The feature of this model is an adjustable wing geometry, like in the set 9394.

4. And the last one - dozer compactor. This model has two functions: steering and blade elevation. Nothing special, but pretty playable and looks not so bad :)

Thanks for watching, I hope you'll find something interesting here :)

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4 minutes ago, TangersTechnic said:

Awesome work. This set is a good base for C models.

Thank you! Yes, the worm reducer and two extra 12t gears offer a lot of opportunities, I like this set very much.

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