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Hello everyone

i'm new here and i wanted to show you my creations in order to get some feedback and improve my skills.


Please be honest, i'll not take personly on your critics, but only to be better.


First, french 3rd hussar officer 1804.


Uv print of the torso, ink print of the pelisse and sabretache.


3d design of the sword and sabretache by my own and colback from woody64's shapeway site





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Upload images and orthograph correction

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6 hours ago, woody64 said:

O obviously do like it. Did you do the UV print yourself ?

No, i order it on a french online shop which is really good.

But in an attempt of pursuit of improvement, i workes again on the designs, especially on the shako to make it more hussar. They loved to comb themselves with braids ( some people say that it could avoid big injuries against a saber...)  and the pelisse. 

So i bought a 3D printer (sorry you lost a patron) and this is the results:

52741589008_955baf635e.jpg20230312_001514 by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

52741510500_3e688d68b8.jpg20230312_001531 by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

I redesigned the sabretache and the saber too, on a full size hussar sword copy i have at home.

52740610542_fee7ac1b60.jpghussard by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

Family picture with the old design and the newest.

52740639177_ba59c608d8.jpg20230312_004850 by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

52741406964_4da5105fcf.jpg20230312_004923 by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

52741510480_c29c7ac607.jpg20230312_001647 by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

and the other designs for other customs (chasseur à cheval without braids, hussars with the braids).

52741625448_4e0fab1280.jpgshako et colback by Aurelien  Bar, sur Flickr

I have just a little struggle, because for me customs should stay in the lego spirit (some key feature but not with too many details) so i can't decide if i went to far from the "toyish" spirit of the lego.

what do you the community of customers think?

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