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Armor decals, the Warlord, and the Lord Monkey

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knights_1.jpg_thumb.jpg knights_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

eric.jpg_thumb.jpg knight_c_2.jpg_thumb.jpg

There are detail pics in the armor folder and in the dragonlance folder... (when public)

warlord_1.jpg_thumb.jpg warlord_5.jpg_thumb.jpg

Warlord when public


Lord Monkey when public

OK - now, I haven't finished the dragon lord ones, and while I am happy with the way they turned out, I will admit to being a little disappointed because the dragonlord ones are a bit darker than I thought they would be.. oh well. :D I love all the others, and the Valkyrie helmet was originally intended for the warlord there... it just looks right.

Edited in:

sorry I should have explained a couple of characters here for those unfamiliar:

The Warlord

(thats a gun, I am just not good at guns. :D )

Eric is from this page here

here's his picture.. I saw it while browsing, and just liked the dude. Eric.jpg

Sturm Brightblade is from Dragonlance, and the others are just from my imagination. :D

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