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New Tie models Incoming?

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Based on this image from the new Death Star:


We know that we are getting a new color schemed Tie Adv. I have seen many complaints about the old black and blue color scheme. This Tie also seems much smaller then previous versions.

Do you think that the black and grey model is much better then the old black and blue and if so would you buy another round of Ties if they were in this new color scheme as well as this new scale?

I like both the old color scheme as well as this apparent new color scheme. I also like this scale since I have always seen Tie Fighters as bare bones stripped down fighters that are useful in "swarming" an enemy I think the smaller scale better represents this compared to the old Ties that were the approx. the same size as the X-wing (wookiepedia lists the length of the Tie/In at 6.3m while the X-Wing was at 12m). I would buy and welcome some re releases in this scale and coloring.

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Interesting thought, Shacala - and not too far away from what would be possible! :thumbup:

After I saw the new Mini-TIE Adv. in the new - now overpriced - 10188 DS, I thought that there might well be some new TIE Fighters next year since it's 10 years Lego SW and there surely will be a lot of re-designed sets.

I personally like the "old" (?) designs very much.

I only would buy a new design if this set then would come with new minfigs (e. g. Imperial Enginner(s)) and some more additional stuff (e. g. little transport vehicle) - otherwise not.


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I like the black/gray color scheme better than the black/blue one, but I don't like the scale. A fighter should be able to hold a minifig and therefore this scale is way to small I think.

So it's new color scheme ON, new scale OFF :wink:


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