[MOC] - Gerbera flower - addition to 10280 for Valentine's Day

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This is the dark red flower you can find in the to-be-released 10314-1 - Dried Flower Centerpiece LEGO set. 
I have changed it's colors and have added a steal to match my wifes wedding bouquet.

Soon it's Valentine's Day this flower is a great gift to express your love to your loved one, so if you want to build or give one, instructions are free :)
It fit well as an addion to the 10280 - Flower Bouquet so it's a very nice present to the ones that already have these flowers.

Tested in real
I have build this in real, so that's why it contains 26 instead leaves, because that's what fits best.
I already gave this flower to my wife, so that's why I can publish it here. She loves it :)

He loves me game
Make sure you start the "he love me, he loves me not" game with "he loves me not".

The model will cost about €8.50 to build from parts ordered on BrickLink.

Extra parts
Make sure you by additional clips (just a few cents each), some clips tent to break after moving them around on a bar for a few months.
If things get lost easilly in your house, buy addition paddle heads as well, so that there are no issues when some have been vacumed up.

Let's build the flower!
You'll find the building instructions in PDF for free.
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The building instructions PDF has no mention of a price, so it's easy to print on a double sided A4 paper and give it to your loved one.

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1 hour ago, BrickDesignerNL said:

Thanks. I'll have most creations posted on Rebrickable.

I'll make sure to share more here as well :)

Thanks for letting me know. Just followed you there 🙂

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On 2/1/2023 at 9:12 PM, A_Forest_of_Lego said:

It looks great in red!

Thanks, my second half 💕 thinks so too.

On 2/1/2023 at 5:07 PM, MontyMatte said:

Thanks for letting me know. Just followed you there 🙂

Super! Thanks!

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