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[OL - FB - Seawatch] Carelessness Will Cost You

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*In the undiscernible dialect of the Loti* "Rectum?! Damn near killed'em!" 

An uproar of laughter, knee slapping, and gesticulation from around the campfire as the patrol's commander thrusts with his ceremonial blade... the sounds carry across the vast jungle of New Haven's largest island.


Captain Richarde, B Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Grenadier Guards (Garde Grenadiers du 1er Régiment): *In a low whisper through the moonlight* "This is bayonet work, men... there will be other patrols in the area... no-one fires a shot... in and out and back on the move... if we can take the leader... that one with the sword... alive great... but if not... that's ok too... everybody ready... *heads nod around in the circle* right on my heels... lets go"


Careless to camp so close to the trail, careless to not cover your tracks, careless to light a fire on a warm night like this, careless to not post sentries, careless to be so loud... whatever it was they were getting on about...


That's ok. The Loti patrol was about to learn a lesson in military discipline from the heavy infantry of the 1st Grenadiers. Sharpened bayonets, tight rucksacks, calm breathing, light feet, the battle hardened vets of Terraversa kept in a tight line as they methodically crept towards the ruckus of the Loti troops.  


The whole affair was over before the Loti knew it was about. Not even a scratch to write home about from the grenadiers and one less patrol to contend with on the day of battle yet to come. What's more, once we get the leader back to headquarters, I'm sure Colonel Beauchamp will be eager to sit down with him and an interpreter. All in a night's work. 


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Depicted well how the grenadiers sneak up on the Loti camp. I like the idea of how you built the palm leaves as a thicket.

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