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[OL - FB] Old Crazy Bill's Iron Mine

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"They all said I was crazy! But, who is crazy now! Ah-hahahahaha!!" -Old Crazy Bill cackled crazily as Engineer Faust trotted up to Lavalette's newly operational Iron Mine. 


The mine was near the sight Gustav had last witnessed Old Crazy Bill's um... unorthodox... prospecting methods...


The mining crew busily coming out of the still shallow mine at rapid and predictable intervals carrying out heavy crates of clearly rich iron ore. 


As the geographic survey contract specifies, the mine is the property of the crown, licensed to the Crown's Government proper that is, while Old Crazy Bill is now formerly a government employee as foreman of the Crown's newest strategic resource mine. 


"Just the man for the job" Gustav mused as he watched Bill smugly dance about, apparently in celebration that he had proved his sanity beyond a doubt, totally unaware of how his ravings might be taken as evidence against him. 


Well either because of or in spite of Bill's... supervision... the mine was already producing a quantity of ore beyond expectations and of a high purity. 



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I like the way the mine is constructed. A rock wall with plants on top, a shed, fireplace, the special tool and the minifigures all look good.

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