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How to build 《Cave Troll》

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Hi, I am Hopeso009
I would like to share my old MOC 
           《Cave Troll》



This MOC was developed long time ago (around 2009), you probably had seen it before.
By that time, I said I will keep updating this MOC with additional modification.  Sorry to whom had been waiting for my update.
Late but not too late, here is my MOC and all the update. 
Building instruction photos included in my video
Hope U like it.

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Wow, thank you! I remember seeing this MOC way back, it was a great source of inspiration at the time!

Whenever I return to an old build I always like to play around with new parts and colours, making substitutions and upgrades. I think that would be a ton of fun if I find the time to replicate this.

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13 hours ago, A_Forest_of_Lego said:

Wow, that's a great-looking troll! I really like the face!

Thanks, I like/satisfy with the face too


16 hours ago, Follows Closely said:

You should put all your content in one thread instead of creating new one every post.

I am afraid it would be a bit difficult for me since I am digging my old MOCs and doing new MOCs too...

Moreover I may update some of my old MOCs (due to new parts).  Therefore may be this week, I arrive the update of Centaur.  Then I send out for sharing.

Next week I may finish another old MOC or new MOC.  Then I send out for sharing.

I afraid it is better to send out each MOC by one post since the "topic title" can be named relevantly, like this thread "Cave Troll".  Otherwise if I put all in one post, the title is difficult to be relevant.  Moreover I think nos of posts here are unlimited, and it will not increase the storage space too much by more posts by similar content size.

Anyway thanks for the advice but not quite practical in my case.

BTW do you like my Cave Troll ?

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