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REVIEW: 41740 ALIYA's Room

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Here is my review on 2023 Friends 41740 Aliya's room:


  • Again great details and interesting builds on those details.
  • The twins bed is a great build and the action mechanism is nicely concealed.
  • Love the projector which you can just slot a mobile phone in.
  • Lovely coffee table.
  • Great new hair piece and I can't wait to use it on minifigures =)


  • Can't think of any specific to this set other than common LEGO things like stickers on round tiles difficult to align, etc.

This is my second room out of the four, while it didn't strike me with the freshness I got in Nova's Room since this one with things you usually get from a Friends set, it's still a great small build packed with details.  I especially enjoyed building all those small furnitures that nicely incorporated in the design.  Highlight for me are the projector, the desk, the bed and the coffee table.  The way the bed's action mechanism is concealed is great.  Even simple build like the coffee table and the desk, a few small things just somehow made it better.  I do question if the drink is really tea or beer lol.  Then the projector, and wow, the mobile phone slotting mechanism works so well.  Finally, the two minidolls come with new hair piece and I especially like Paisley's one, it is just so useful even outside friends.  One again, I just couldn't find anything specific to this set I didn't enjoy.  Round tile stickers hard to align is not really an issue for this as this is common challenge with all other LEGO sets.  With a low end pricing, this is a good small set that I would recommend to anyone!

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4 hours ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

A lot of stickers but interesting set! :classic:

Thanks for the review! :thumbup: 

You're welcome.  I'm not fan of stickers but I found stickers from Friends have some very nice graphics design =)

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