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Mystery Castle - Building Challenge ENTRIES

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Hello again, players of the Mystery Castle game! As you know, I, Ragnir the Mighty, have set up this mini-challenge for you, the players.

In this thread you may post your entries. Please note that this is for entries only, all discussion is to take place in the discussion thread. The rules can also be found here.

Not much else to say, so have fun, and I look forward to those entries! :sweet:

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Hello everyone,

For Dragonator's Mystery Castle, this will be my first attempt to construct a vignette. I am not an expert on MOCs, but feel free to give me your comments. Hope everyone will enjoy viewing this simple vignette of mine. :sweet:

To those whom have forgetten me, I am Grim, Head of Royal Guard. I was murdered in the night, during Day 5. Unfortunately, I could not be with the rest, to search for clues within the castle to avenge our King and the Loyalists. Without further ado, let me present you my first attempt on vignette. :wink:

Overall vignette look


Grim, which is above the balcony, looking downwards, watching Friar. It seemed from his observation, he is expecting someone. I wonder whom is he waiting for in the hall.

Disclaimer: All characters posted in any events in my vignette are purely fiction, and any resemblance shown is purely coincidental.

Looking above


I wonder who is he waiting?


Protecting or Watching him?


The Cast


More pictures can be found in My Brickshelf (When moderated)

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And here we have...The Potato Cart (of death).


Here we see the castle grounds, and a pathway. There are easily visible pebbles near the beautifully made walkway. But what's that under the potato cart?

(Note: Images from here on haven't been resized and will thusly be linked.)

Oh dear! It appears that the entire cart is being held up by a small rock!

Were that rock to fall, or be disturbed, there would be terrible consequences for the person on the receiving end of that load of potatoes! Who would be so reckless as to prop up a potato cart on a single stone?!

Full Frontal shot. This screenshot shows some of the tiled walkway, the painted cross patterns on the castle wall, and the cart itself in full glory.

Aireal shot. I don't like the way this one turned out, to be honest - the metal handles on the cart make it appear that the tiles do a quick "L" here, when there is a corner visible in most other pics. Oh well. =P

Finally, the back. I've spared no attention to detail here - the wall can even be walked upon by a minifigure, even in the 8x8 limits of the vig! (Though it would be rather a fun game of balance, lol.)

There it is, my first castle model ever, and my first vignette ever (!). I would have made this out in real bricks, but the only castle set I own is the crossbow attack, so I'm rather ill-equipped! =P


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Here is my entry in the Mystery Castle Building Challenge, it is my first castle M.O.C posted on any Internet site, it is also my first ever attempt at a Vignette. Luckily i had just come into possession of two other collections. These included the great Grey wall sections seen in the pics below. The four story Vignette is representing four different stories around Byron and his life in the Castle, all are events that have happened already in the castles story. here is Byron, himself to present it... Rotrigous cost too much hey..? Well lets just say you were not my first choice, now get on with it...

Welcome one and all, here is "The Great Tower of Byron"... ... oh ... what? ... i don't get it, thats not as funny as my pun on Babylon ... okay ... *clears throught* "The Life of Byron"

First off i present the over all view of the Vignette


Starting from the top, we have, "Byron is *flamed* by Ragnir"


I think it is obvious what this is based around :wink: ... This part was the most troublesome, the helmet has a decal face made by Luxor V, so thanks to him!, however, the helmet would not fit with a face and the decal so i had to insert a cylinder 1x1 black to replace my mini-fig head...

He he, i got him good eh?!?!?... :devil:

Next we have the "Revealing of Byron", hiding away in the suit of armor!


As you can tell this is based around the first time Byron entered the Castle after the kings murder. Dragonator, stands behind him, inquisitive of the moving armor, Byron in this photo, has a few days growth on his face, unlike his shaven self in other shots... You can see the removed boots either side of him and in front you can see the umm...

"poo" just say it... :hmpf:

Thanks Savril... poo and wee, has fallen in front of him...

Gargh the smell!?!? :sick:

Moving on quickly before Dragonator faints, we have "Majiko's Leap" hehe not keep...


Majiko had said he wanted a dressing change, so i granted him one, this is when Majiko and Byron where fighting for the kitchen and Majiko attacked Byron after kicking him out... Byron's hair is black due to the *flaming* handed out by Ragnir... note also the decal torso and cape.

Told you i got em good! :grin:

Ha, I got him better! And i love my Grey! not Blue :wub::wub:

I should go into fashion... And finally we have "Byron's Fall"


This is my favorite!?! we have Sprinkles!!, and normal coloured hair Byron! Getting Byron and his chair to balance was a pain in the Megablocks but i love how it turned out, note also the decals again... As this is Byron's room, he has place his helmet on the table and hung up his cape. Harder to see in this picture is a letter on the table and a glass... this is set around when Byron was sitting at his desk reading and fell backwards...

I am SOO CUTE, look at me!

Sprinkles you can TALK!

Thank the Wizard

I will wait to see before i do that...

I think thats enough from him :angry: , these 'paintings' do the Vignette little justice :sad: also note the title is a link just in case you don't get the joke like Byron. :hmpf: , Again thanks to Luxor V and who did the black scream face, and so quickly :wub: also thanks to Lamanda for the cape decal! and SavatheAggie for the torso decal,

All comments welcome HERE

Regards, Cpt PB

Edited by Cpt. Pegleg Blockbeard

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Title: No One Suspected

Story: Life in the middle ages had it's disadvantages: No running water, no internet (well...), no electricity for such simple things as refrigeration. With that last one in mind, it's interesting to note that no one gave a second thought to what they were eating during the lock-down after the King's death. Sure, dried meats and things grown in the courtyard, maybe a delivery of potatoes, but fresh steak? Where would the chef get that? No one suspected that the daily executions were part of the process until they discovered Majiko's meat locker in the basement, lit only by a high window and positioned directly below a corner of the kitchen.


Savour that crappy photography. :hmpf::grin:

Mmmm, fresh meat. Tastes like loyalists though. :sceptic:

I built this almost entirely out of spare parts I throw in a box when they're less than perfect. I wanted to give it a worn look, like the forgotten corners of an old castle, and I think it achieved that goal. So, it's all old grey and old brown, some of which has seen better days, but it actually worked quite well. The only 'new' parts are the current style skellie, the brown lattice windows (new, but still old brown... geez those are hard to get in quantity) and the med/dark blue tiles (yay for PaB!)

Originally, I intended to put a guard on the roof, standing watch unaware of the whole scene below. Then I decided it would be Dragonator in a dress, giving a completely new twist to the DRAGon Masters faction, but it just didn't work out. Maybe I'll use that somewhere else. :grin:

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Ok, limited bricks available because of this and i dont own any of the older castle helmets capes etc so this limited character choice for me.

Anyway here goes,

On the bottom level we see Paul "taking care of the booze" in the cellar :grin:

Next up we see Lord Gary (Me) having a technicolour yawn :sick: in the kitchen after sampling Majiko's "Chicken"

On the third floor we find Mary trying so hard to actually get a good nights sleep! :devil::wink: (Love those lime green curtains) Here is my attempt to make sheets out of a cape!

Last but not least, Fred and Daniel having a friendly sparing session atop the castle and keeping Mary awake :laugh:



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I in no way claim that this MOC is good, or something I'm proud of. That being said, I present...

The Deaths of the Kitchen!!!! A Vig by Zepher!




The Chef Hanging himself, the man crushed by the potatos, and the last guy...

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Alright, the picture's couldn't upload, so the entry is here, on my website. It'll be up when public. Now, I only used five pictures, as deemed by Dragonator, but the full gallery can be found here. Keep in mind, these links are to the preview page- the actual ones aren't public yet. Just wait a bit and I'll post the real links, or just click the Visit My Website link in my sig a little later.

I hope this vignette is counted, as it wasn't posted here, and please, look at the full gallery, because the entry's pictures really, REALLY don't do this vig justice :hmpf_bad:.

Edited by Adam

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Having finally defeated the traitors and restored order in the castle once more, the mighty Lord Dragonator finally decides that it is time to see a psychologist about his split personalities... :grin:





I apologise about the photos, my camera's screen is no longer working, so I have to guess where it is pointing... :blush::laugh:

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The Tower of Lord Dragonator

My first MOC! Just in time! (or in Canada at least.) Here is my entry- Lord Dragonator's Tower. Up high upon his unholy, 42cm-tall tower, guards carefully oversee the castle courtyard and insure that anyone who attempts to lay siege or harm any dragons within the castle walls are severely punished. However, the funny twist is that Dragonator is supposed to be thinking of intersting and unique deaths, however he decides to daydream instead. As he daydreams, his guards die in vicious ways... ways that if he had not been so occupied, he would have seen. Here is the entire MOC, from the front. You can see a guard on the second level with a dragon tail behind him, he hung himself out of misery (I forgot to take good pictures)

The first part is Dragonator at his powerful computer currently on, thinking of new and interesting ways for people to die. However, it appears that his mind is on other subjects- preferably, dragons! Free, running about in the wild, in his thought bubble. He's content thinking about Dragons too. Seems like daydreaming has paused his progress in completing Day 9.

The second part is the small treasury room. The guard here is unfortunately quite traitorous. He has decided to take the treasure for himself. But unless looking for rare golden treasure chests, this guard has nothing to find but monsters! A giant scorpion pops out of the chest and a snake lunges jaws first, instantly beheading the guard! Serves him right. The snake was by adding a black minifig hand under the head for the jaw.

The third and final part is the top of the tower... the strongest of guards is promoted to "top-of-the-tower-guard", where he stands around and... watches. Unfortunately, it seems a red dragon is looking for food in the exact same place. And it's not Ragnir, but a wild Oriental Dragon from the east! I used snakes for the whiskers and a tiny turbos mudguard to make the eyebrow.

The back of the tower, I like how this turned out. There's a little symbol made with arches.

Sorry about the pictures.

Edited by Dovchenko

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