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[WIP] Another small island is added

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Another island has been added to the layout. I'm yet to build the top part but since it will be a while before I can finish it I thought to share it now.

It will be slightly taller and on top will be a wooden tower construction that connects bridges to the lower parts of the big arch in the background.

It was a bit of an accident that the campfire got so near to the wall but I see that it has a great effect with reflection of the fire on the wall 🔥

The fish net was meant for the tribe people to dry fishes but I'm really not too sure of the function. Just wanted something there on the side of the stairs.






































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wow, this is just getting better and better! Love the new island :) what's your plan for this set? will it be just full of islands? any buildings?

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1 hour ago, zinnn said:

what's your plan


The plan is another tall mountain that connects to the rock arch with hanging bridges. And then just a gigantic ocean with some big ships in it. (Black Pearl lifted out of the sea by the Kraken)

And in the other end of the layout a big white fortress for the red coats :cannon:

The size will be 6x8 baseplates (48x48) so my biggest layout so far :pir_laugh2:

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