What You Learned with Lego Technic that you would not have Otherwise

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As for me, in my young childhood before my "dark age", it opened a big world of mechanics that I was able not only to know in mind (the gears ratio formula) but able to build anything barely possible and to see it "alive" and perform any test I able to image.

Later, after my "dark age," it opened me to another world of "challenges": the weakness of ABS parts (in comparison with "traditional" steel machinery) together with relatively heavy models and powerful motors (for their scale, for sure, do you remember the rule of cubes and squares?) makes some "traditional" solutions barely possible and forced to find a way of other solutions that being "optional" are now "mandatory" in ABS world.
I love challenges, here, in Lego Technic, it sounds like "only a perfect enough model will able to work", while "not good enough" will start skipping or chewing the gears... So, go perfectly!

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Building LEGO all started for me in 2005 when I retired and was shopping one day and came across some LEGO kits and the 8455 caught my attention!  To this day it has been a continuous ride of building LEGO and of course buying parts! The most interesting part about it the ability to make almost anything motorized or not. It’s not over yet but one day I might have to scale it down!

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