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[MOC] Bocchi chibi figure (Hitori Gotou) + Kessoku Band

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Hitori Gotou or 'Bocchi' from the anime Bocchi the Rock.


I always wanted to make some Chibi figures with Lego like those made by Javier Soravilla or Mike Dung, but seeing that Ted Andes also made some, Chisato and Takina, recently made me want to also finally give it a try. 

I borrowed some building techniques of those mentioned earlier and used the instructions of Javier Soravilla: for the frame of the figure.


For this Chibi figure I had to get creative, I wanted to make Hitori Gotou, but in the show she's mostly wearing pink and her hair is also pink. I wanted to distinguish between the two. So I used "Paradisa" Pink for her body, which severely limits the available pieces and Bright Pink for her hair.

Ofcourse I can't forget to include the guitar and an amplifier, I even included a distortion ds2, if you where wondering what that orange thing was.



Bocchi by Ids de Jong, on Flickr


Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.

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And the whole band:


Kessoku Band by Ids de Jong, on Flickr

Kessoku Band (結束バンド) from the anime Bocchi the Rock.

From left to right:
Yamada Ryou
Ijichi Nijika
Kita Ikuyo
Gotou Hitori or 'Bocchi'

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