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[COR - WTC] Go for bronze!

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When copper had been found near Quinnsville, the WTC had plans to get a mine set up as soon as possible. Unfortunately it had taken much longer than anticipated - but by the end of 622 the mine was up and running at last.


A local offical had been invited for an inspection, approaching the mine with WTC representative Arthur Mengsk:


"So as I have explained previously, all of this will be formally run by the WTC, but the Crown receives a good chunk of the income. You provide minifigs for the digging and get plenty of copper for all kinds of stuff. May I suggest bronze cannons?"

"I do not yet understand. Mr. Mengsk. This seems so very unlike everything we heard of the WTC so far?! Why do you not do it all for yurself, it surely would be more profitable that way?"


"If only it were so easy. The WTC is stretched a bit thin due to the Lotii, and we just do not have the manpower for all of our projects. Still, this way Mr. Mordo believes we can both have our cake and eat it: here I have the contracts, already signed by him. Similar ventures are to be set up in other locations, so we would much appreciate if you could inform your superiors, so the formalities can be dealt with quicker in the future."


"I will see what I can do. If this turns out the way you described it, there should be no issues whatsoever. Pleasant business with the WTC, who would have thought?!"


Nearby, next to some crates of copper ore, a worker on break watched the scene...



... while more ore was carried out of the mine already...



... and even more was about to be ripped out of the heart of the mountains.






Licensed for Corrington as a copper mine in Quinnsville. Of note for @Ayrlego for this: the faction income goes up 40DB.


Most of 2022 did not go as planned for me, so of course it takes the last evening of the year to get some stuff posted. :pir_laugh2:

With this mine I went for more of a "playset approach", meaning everything is easily accessible provides a variety of eperate scenes:




And yes, you can watch the very end of the mine from the front:



Last, but by no means least, some of the reference pictures I took as inspiration:




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I like the inside view of the mine with the workers. The photo story is interesting.

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Another nice mining build and good to have another operational one in Quinnsville. Now we've got Saltpeter, Copper, and Gold (When I build the mine for it)!

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For me the use of colours to depict the bronze is the highlight here. It looks very much like the source material. Well done and Corrington thanks the WTC for the donation.

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Nice build! I particularly like the color choice of the copper ore... probably copper mines are the ones in which oddly colored bricks come to more use!

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