[MOC] City Trams (Bilbao and Rotterdam)

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Hello all!

These are a couple trains I did not too long ago. They both incorporate a very interesting coupling system, enabling the smallest gap but still making it on curves, will soon upload some updates on the system. They have a simple structure and they are 6 studs wide, as personally 7 or 8 studs are a bit too much for a tram. 

The Bilbao tram, operated by Euskotren, is based on the CAF Urbos 1, the first ever version of CAF's tram. It has some very unique aesthetics. The windscreen piece does the job pretty well, despite hating using these type of peces. 




Rotterdam's tram is an Alstom Citadis. You may notice that doors are only in one side. The nose part is pretty simple, yet it captures the shape really well. 




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Well done creating both trams. As much as you hate the Jack Stone windshield piece, it does work perfectly.

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Very very nice trams, I particularly like the Alstom one with its simple paint scheme 😍

It seems that the central element has sufficient room to fit a 9v motor , or a PuP one and a battery.

Good work!:pir-love:

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