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Hello there, welcome to my humble farm.
I'm a farmer in third generation on this piece of land, and it has allways provided well for our family. As long as our books records, we have been goat farmers. But a couple of years back, we needed to do some repairs on the house, so we decided to sell a couple.
Can you imagine my surprise when I heard, what people were willing to pay for goats at the farmers market? I quickly returned home to fetch and sell them all.
The profit easily was enough to pay for completly new farmhouse, with all the features I allways dreamt off, and some new lifestock too:
  1. A proper thatched roof with a stuffed heather ridge and hardwood holddowns
  2. Stables for our new lifestock under the same roof
  3. A drivethrough for bringing in crops and hay efficiently
  4. Generous hay stock
  5. A black kitchen with a central fireplace to heat the whole house
  6. Comfortable sleeping quarters
  7. A small garden next to the house for herbs and vegetables
  8. A good chimney with a smoking chamber
Right now we have room for three people, a cow and her calve, a sheep and her lamb, two pigs and their piglets and a couple of chickens. Maybe, one day, I can honour the family tradition and get a goat once again...but that's whishfull thinking I guess.
*Breaking character*
You can support this on Lego IDEAS right now, I am glad about every vote, I really am :)
Go team Goat!
2356 Pieces - it is pretty substantial for the part count, allthough it does use s a lot of bigger plates.
44 x 32 x 22cm excluding the well
The removeable roof worked quite well in a prototype I built
Feedback is highly appreciated.

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This is an interesting design with the home attached to the barn.  The interior looks good.  The roof looks good but the large slope pieces do look a bit off  to me.  Nice overall job.  

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On 12/28/2022 at 7:27 PM, Yoggington said:

I like how you've created the half-timber effect in the wars by building plate out.

Glad you liked it.

The idea for the studs out wall was the seed for the whole project actually.

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