1920s vintage fire station and ladder truck - 10263 inspired MOD

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This building is inspired by set 10263 (Winter Village Fire Station), while the pumper truck's back half was slightly inspired by CARS 2 set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue).


As you can see, the building has been heavily modified, with it having a removable roof and an bright red color scheme along with a rear half added on.


The rear of the building has a couple windows.


The upper floor roof is also removable, to access the enclosed bunk-room and get at the kitchen better. Four figures can sleep in the bunk beds, (good luck getting the two in the bottom sections, though!)


The lower floor is inaccessible except for the front garage door. Speaking of the garage, it fits the vintage fire truck quite nicely. Also, the white panel is supposed to feature this print.


Okay, I'll admit it: I can't make a good fire truck. I can built steam locomotives out the wazoo, but I can't seem to make a decent firefighting vehicle, especially older ones. The one shown above took me about three hours to design, and it can only seat the driver and a Dalmation in the cabin. (the dog is missing the spoted print in LDD)


The "look" of the rear of the truck was mostly inspired from set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue) from Cars 2. Yes, those black antenna parts are hoses.


As for firemen, I have four of these 1980's guys, with one having a gold helmet for us as a Captain. (picture from Bricklink)


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4 hours ago, JopieK said:

Looks very nice @Murdoch17. Are those 'shed' doors available in red? Truck looks very nice as well.

Thank you @JopieK! Yes, the doors do exist. They come in this year's Ninjago set 71767. (Ninja Temple Dojo)

Edited by Murdoch17

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