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[MOC] [WIP] Electrick loco

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What to do when you got light/electricity but no internet?
Find some pic on my PC and try to "remake"
Still a work in progress so open to some ideas or advice





2 version










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9 hours ago, Frank STENGEL said:

Nice virtual build. I'd love to see it in real bricks. Do you have a better picture of the prototype? It mightily looks like a BB9200...

Nope, I don`t have it for a few months. And yeah looks like it`s BB9200
Well now it`s very different now :1 
Maybe, sometime later after the war and when all go better for me well I hope for that 

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I really like the articulated version. It gives an impression of power without being overly massive. I bet that an actual version runs quite well on R40 curves.

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14 hours ago, Vliebricker said:

Nice try, Darkkostas25, and I wonder how you will power it when you'll actually build it. 🫡👍

1) Usage big turntables 4x4x1 with a hole for putting Technik axel for motor,
2) added gears to bogies (if I don`t do that before coz I don`t remember I use new build or pre-made bogies here with gears) 
3) change some plates on "Technik plates" with holes and suds
most of my builds do not "build" with power functions/motorization  coz I don`t know what is better(by price and power and looks)



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