[MOC] MOC-Hunter | Buildable Figure Series from Star Wars the Bad Batch

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My third release in the buildable figure series from The Bad Batch. 

The scale of the figure is the same as my other MOCs of Tech and Crosshair.  Both the helmet and alternate head version are done in the same scale as the official buildable Harry Potter buildable figures by LEGO. Creating Hunter's signature mullet was a bit difficult but I'm happy with how it turned out.  The helmet version features a similar build style to crosshair with a different layering style to capture his unique helmet style. Echo and Wrecker are in the works with the possibility of a surprise figure. 

Instructions are available on or follow me on Instagram for more original creations. 

Specifications for Helmet version + Alt Head Build 
Pieces: 1,655
Weight: 41.3oz | 2.58lbs
Width: 19 cm | 7.5 in
Length: 20.5 cm | 8.1 in
Height: 27.4 cm | 10.8 in
Estimate Part Costs: $170 - $200


Alternate Head build using custom UV printed parts on genuine LEGO pieces. 



Group Image with Alt Head of Hunter



Group Image with Helmet Version of Hunter


Upgraded Gear System
The upgraded internal gear system allows arms and legs to be posable. If you plan on posing the legs, it may be necessary to attach the feet to a plate as the weight of the backpack and knives can change the center of gravity. The Clone force 99 Shoulder pads can be removed for more additional range of motion. While the helmet version of Hunter does rotate almost 280 degrees, the alternative build of the head has minimal movement due to the thickness of the neck.


MOC-Hunter Alternate - Movement






Custom Printed Clone Force 99 Emblems for Shoulder Pads.



Details of Hunter's Signature Bandana (giving off some Rambo vibes).






Sample Instructions
Professionally produced, high resolution, step-by-step instructions of Hunter from Star Wars The Bad Batch. Custom printed face, Clone Force 99 emblems and skull bandana are included with the alternate build of Hunter. Instructions available at

sample-instruction-01.jpg sample-instruction-02-alt.jpg

sample-instruction-03.jpg sample-instruction-04-alt.jpg

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