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[MOC] Blue Coat Fort: My First MOC at a Convention

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Hi gang, I'm usually confined to Brethren of the Brick Seas (which is awesome and you should all definitely join Oleon if you haven't already), although recently I have been sadly absent there as well. Been meaning to get back to it and to post this for a while. Months ago, I did my first ever MOC display at a Lego Convention, "Brick Rodeo" in Texas. 


HEY EDIT: Apparently the Beyond the Brick guys DID think this was worthy of the interwebs. Here is the link to me talking through it with those fine human beings.

Ta-Da... yeah, one more wide shot...


oh the little Blacktron SAM is mine too, I know, pretty baller. Anyway...


Top Down of the Fort, you can see gaps with each plate. The whole thing is built on independent plates and then just push them together. Makes for easy transport, I 100% should have stuck a few pieces in to hold it together once on display. 



The fort is actually dug into the rocks, what was about 5-6 bricks high on the outside was 8-9 bricks from the ground within the fort. 


The low profile and slanted walls were my attempt to build a somewhat historically accurate artillery fortress (star fortress, Vauban fort), pretty happy with it. Want to try and get away from the square corners in the future. Interested if somebody has a good technique. 


Frozen team slipping away "Last of the Mohicans" style, again to show the scheme for the artillery fort. I realized that any success with the low profile fortress meant that none of the kids coming to see would be able to see anything because it was all below the walls, so a few weeks out added a bunch of activity outside to fort. 


Cannons firing, rounds impacting on and around the walls to make it more interesting from the outside. 


pew... pew... boom!... splash!... you get it...


Cannon crew getting wrecked by an incoming round.


That's a bad day.


"Here comes the meat wagon...."


"New guys in the corner puking his guts out..." 


As the battle rages along the walls, in the courtyard, things are busy, but not chaotic. 


Dispatching a note to the Governor, "A full bombardment and assault is underway. Victory uncertain at this time, COL Beauchamp's Grenadiers have sallied forth to meet them on the beaches and prevent a foothold."


Wig-Wags in the lighthouse tower coordinate with the Frigate as it sails out to join the fray. 


Captain signals back, "Help is on the way"


Bow Chasers


EDIT: Here is the link to this ship, "The Demeter"


Ship cuts close across the point to enter the fight.


The Frigate Captain at least hopes to draw fire from the mercenary fleet away from the defenders exposed on the beach. 


Aboard the COG (again, I owe you a link to the ship's post on BOBS), Pirate Captains and Red Coat Leaders assess the landings. 


A fancy ship, a good pirate ship to be sure, sturdy, but not one to stand toe to toe with purpose built warships. (in the background, my 4 YO daughter's contribution, a Barracuda Bay crewed by friends and princesses). 


From a distance, the landings seem to be going according to plan, but certainly with heavier defenses along the beach than anticipated. 


"Row you bastards! Row if you want to live! We are under the guns!"


The walls and towers bristling with the muskets of the Grenadiers. Firing down into the exposed boats below.


Additional squads of Grenadiers streaming out of the main gates, facing inland, sprint to defend the beach. 


Despite the withering fire, the longboats are reaching the shore and the assault is underway. (Capt Jack's boat sinks, he steps ashore dry as it finally sinks). 


Some boats capsize in the surf as other boat crews seem to get cut down to the man as they touch the beach. 


Beauchamp's men form a second firing line along the bluffs, their comrades along the walls firing over their heads.


The assault force commander rallies his men to the colors on the beach and urges them forward. "There is only one way off this beach men, lets go!" 


But COL Beauchamp plants himself on the old stone bridge, marking the apex of his line, he has the men form 2 ranks and fix bayonets. 


As more reinforcements arrive, the Grenadiers pour fire into the oncoming Red Coats and hired guns. 


The stubborn wall of Blue Coats at the bridge seem determined to hold in place either as victors or as martyrs. But, despite heavy casualties, the overwhelming numbers of the Red Coats and their hired Pirate Allies continue to build momentum. Will the addition of the frigate tip the scales? Will the Grenadiers buckle or hold under the mounting pressure of the Red Assault? Will Red be able to get enough men onto the beach to storm the fort? Can the fort hold out against the bombardment of the combined fleet if it goes to a siege? Exciting stuff... "Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk" "Follow me for more recipes" (LOTS of Blue Coat builds from BOBS)



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Very beautiful! :pir-love: This is a great diorama with lots of details and action. It fits perfectly with Brethren of the Brick Seas.

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11 hours ago, CapOnBOBS said:

Hi gang, I'm usually confined to Brethren of the Brick Seas

Great to see you out on the open ocean!

This is a fantastic display - so much classic LEGO Pirate goodness taking place here!

But what be the name of this fort?

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I saw this first on Beyond the Brick - it's a very well designed fort! I hope to see to see it in person at a convention some day. Lots of fantastic details to get lost in.

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On 11/28/2022 at 12:17 PM, PxChris said:

I saw this first on Beyond the Brick

Hey Thanks @PxChris! I was super excited when these guys came to talk but after a few weeks it hadn't been posted and I assumed I hadn't made the cut. Your comment made me go back and look. Sure enough... 19K views, I am genuinely really excited about that. Edit.... Youtube Link added above. 

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Magnificent display. The details included are incredible. Love the work on making the scene dynamic with the cannon firing, splashes, battle damage, and sinking boat.

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